Son of MX-80: Welcome Nico!

Nico-MXDrummer Nico Sophiea joined MX-80 SOUND in 2014 and his fresh tracks and slinky patterns adorn the band’s latest release, “So Funny.” (Check out his style on the video, No Shoes No Shirt.) Nico is of course well versed in the band’s music. His dad is Dale Sophiea, bassist and co-founder of MX-80, and Nico’s nursery was next to MX-80’s practice space in the old Scooby’s building in Berkeley. Drums are just one part of Nico’s toolbox. A multi-instrumentalist, he’s also a 2011 graduate of the University of Puget Sound Music School, and performs with several ensembles. Nico currently resides in Seattle.